High-vibe world music from the Sunshine Coast, Australia

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World Keeps Spinning

World Keeps Spinning


Rodger Braadshaw

As You Are’s music is a unique synthesis of world music themes, taking listeners on a global sonic journey. Their fusion of electronic synths and beats blended with ancient native instruments weaves a tapestry of dream wave, trance, folktronica, tribal and world music.

Rodger Bradshaw

Rodger’s African, Australian and English lifeblood drives the distinctive rhythms of As You Are, as a percussionist, Rodger has created a sound all of his own with an original pattern, flow and pulse. With the spirit of free form improvisation, Rodger has mastered the fusion of smouldering, vibrational didgeridoo with primal African, Latin and native rhythms to create a powerful world dance cosmic sound.

Rodger Bradshaw – didgeridoo (yidaki), djembe, congas, doumbek, talking drum, kalimba, electronic drums and samples, percussion.

Charly Bradshaw

Singer – songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Charly’s inspiration stems from the catharsis of speaking truth, the lore of the land, the wonder of nature and the magic of the universe.

Charly presents a healing blend of sounds with an emotive and sultry narrative, perfectly painting the air with the achilles heal of haunting, mystical melodies, evoking a powerfully moving experience for the listener.

Charly Bradshaw – Vocals, hammered dulcimer, native flutes and whistles, djembe, keyboards, melodica, percussion.

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